Zoutewelle Banden Brand Identity

We helped establish the brand identity for Zoutewelle Banden, a tire wholesale company based in Rotterdam.


Zoutewelle Banden operates in a very traditional market dominated by a no nonsense attitude. The owner had previously attempted to have a brand developed with another agency, but he was unhappy with their results.


Because of the somewhat traditional background of the market Zoutewelle Banden operates in our main strategy was to find for a refreshing, modern and different look, without estranging the regular cliental. We targeted our brand development around the following keywords: refreshing, innovative, reliable, recognizable, willingness to go one step further. In any case we aimed to avoid using a cliche picture of a tire.


The design concept is based on what a typical driver in the Netherlands is used to see when out on the road. People commuting often in the dawn and dusk moments of the day. Roads wet from rain. We chose to focus on these conditions in order to communicate that the tires will be delivered in any condition and the delivery process is already taken place when the sun still needs to rise or is already setting. Zoutewelle Banden is already out there for you. On top of that, the focus on dark gray is taken from the colour of the product being sold: tires.


The Z logo refers to a quickness and preciseness like Zorro, while at the same time referencing to the tracks vehicles will leave on the road. The more decorative elements reference to things you come across on and along the road. The track lines also bring an element of speed(y delivery) into the brand. It is a bit of a hommage to the style of Cassandre’s air brush posters, which we think is appropriate for his transportation themed artworks.

Zoutewelle Banden will be out there for you from dawn till dusk.
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Zoutewelle Banden
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