Women’s Soccer Project Identity Proposal

Dutch Lions FC asked us to produce a logo and identity for a joined project for Women’s soccer in the United States. Because the lion we produced for Dutch Lions FC years ago is a depiction of a male lion, we deemed using it inappropriate for a project aimed solely at women’s soccer. So we created a female lion in the same styling.

The word mark of Dutch Lions FC in subscript was added to brand it as a project standing on its own, but under the banner of Dutch Lions FC.

In the end the business setup turned out to be different than at the initial briefing and because of that eventually another logo was used for the project. But we believe this logo and identity have a lot of quality and would feel it as a shame not to show it to the world.

Apart from the logo we also created an illustration that we gave a “FIFA game look” to express the feeling that you can make it if you go for it.

Proposed illustration for a women's soccer project in the United States
XI FC proposed illustration
Commissioned by
Dutch Lions FC
Year of Production