Studio Erwin Sala offers the following services:

Brand Opportunity Quickscan

The brand opportunity quickscan gives a quick analysis of your current brand perception. It can help to find opportunities to quickly improve brand performance. This services is also suitable as a second opinion tool to validate other analyses.

Brand Development Workshop

During a brand development workshop we come together with your organization’s executives to find, improve and nurture your brand’s performance.

Brand Design

When there is a clear picture what the brand is or should be(come), materials like logos need to be created. Designing for brands is our specialty.

Brand Instruction

It’s not always clear to everybody within an organization what the brand actually stands for. We can help instructing your employees to make sure the entire brand is in tune.

Brand Analysis

When a more fundamental understanding of the brand is needed that cannot be uncovered by a quickscan then we’re ready to dive deeper into your brand.

UI/UX Design

From journey mapping to the visual design and prototype. When you need an app or a website, we are there to design it for you.

Web development

The best web design is useless without it being developed to an actual working app. A service we provide in house.

Graphic design

Even in the highly digital world we live in today, probably 95% of brands will still need some form of printed material to establish themselves with its users or customers.

Video Direction

We can direct the video production process for you when you need it. Simple productions we can edit in house. Bigger ones we’ll outsource.


An excellent website that cannot be found is not really an excellent website. Investing in search engine optimization will pay dividends in the long run.


We work with the best photographers out there. When custom photos need to be made, we can take care of that.


The way a brand speaks is equally important as its look-and-feel. Copywriting and design should always work in tandem and we make that happen.

Take a look at our portfolio to get an impression of what our services can lead to.

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Some of our work

Psoriasis 2018 restyle

The Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN) has its own bimonthly magazine called “Psoriasis”. I design the layout and do the art direction for the cover. Ingo Caly usually… Read more »

Posted on February 16, 2018

Luxury on a shoestring

Poster accompanying the release of a book with travel stories of my late father, Aad Sala. The stories took place in the 1980s, hence the attempt to… Read more »

Posted on August 3, 2016