Brand opportunity quickscan

Do you want to know where your organization is standing brandwise? Our brand opportunity quickscan might help you on the right track.

No matter how successful your organization is, we all know there is always room for improvement. This applies to every segment of your organization, but obviously also for its brand performance. Studio Erwin Sala provides a quick tool that can help identity problems and lost opportunities to quickly and great improve the quality of your organization’s brand perception.

After we’ve concluded our brand opportunity quickscan we provide you with a report with our findings and recommendations.

These include:

  • General overview of the current brand
  • Strong sides of the current brand
  • Weak(er) sides of the current of the brand
  • Causes for weak performance
  • Recommendations for improvement (quick fixes and long term improvements)
  • Comparison with direct competitors
  • Conclusion

Obviously, because of its nature the brand opportunity quickscan touches the most ostensible characteristics of your brand. On your request we could do a more in depth analysis, based on your objectives.

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Any questions or requests? Please feel free to contact us