Sarah Gansel

Tel Aviv based architect Sarah Gansel asked Studio Erwin Sala to design a business card that could functions as an ice breaker for introductions. We wanted to use a very simple yet clear intervention to achieve this result. In Hebrew dots are used to clarify pronunciation of characters. The name Sarah starts with the letter shin, which is pronounced as “sh” (like in “shuttle”). The dot placed on the top left side of this character however signifies the character should be pronounced as an “s” (as in “Sarah”). We decided to use this dot as the ice breaker. Punching it out, instead of printing it, thus giving it a sort of architectural quality. Suddenly the front and the back of the card interact more obviously than usual, a passage had been created from front to back, making the intervention more reminiscent of architectural interventions in spaces.

This principle was applied to all of her stationary. The colors used were green metallic and black.

Sarah Gansel Stationary

Commissioned by
Sarah Gansel
Year of Production

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