Mencia Sandrode Open Day School Map

A map we designed for Mencia Sandrode, a high school located in Zundert.


Mencia Sandrode reached out to us to design a map, which was then used for their online open day back in February and made as a downloadable pdf on their website. It gives new or potential students an easy overview of where everything inside the school is located, such as the classrooms and stairs. The map consists of a ground floor and first floor, and the words on the bottom right translate to “discover your world”.


Due to the current pandemic, no real open day could be organized at Mencia Sandrode. Instead, a digital experience had to be created as an alternative that describes going to this school in the best way possible. That included providing a clear and well-designed map for the students while they’re at home.


The map was made as an orthogonal projection that schematically represents the location of each individual classroom and the way to them. This projection type was chosen because it provides a more spatial insight into where, and on which floor, a classroom is located.

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