Erasmian Urbanism

The book Erasmian Urbanism was created – together with Nellie Keijzer and Ingo Caly – for Maarten Struijs. The then principal urban planner of the city of Rotterdam. Along with the goodbye from his function a book was written with his views on urban planning and architecture. The main concept we distilled from his ideas is that a city is a unity made from patches of elements that were actually not designed to be together. We applied this concept to the design of the book. Where – for very good reasons! – books usually are designed as objects on its own with its own structure, we designed each spread of the book individually and divided these spreads amongst the three of us. We did keep an administration of which text would be put on which spread and which designer would design which spread, sort of “zoning” the book and thus trying to emulate the process of urban planning on book design.

The result is a very fascinating book, both in its content as well as in its design.

Commissioned by
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Year of Production
17cm x 24cm
Production Type
Soft Cover, offset

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