Bayesian network models

In 2008 we provided the thesis cover design for Stefan Visscher’s PhD research.


For receiving his PhD, Stefan Visscher had to publish his research in book form. Because he wanted something bit more special for that than the usual thesis cover designs out there, he approached us for the task. His research was centered around using Bayesian network models for making decisions within evidence based medicine and then specifically in the contact of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).


Because of the digital focus of the research we decided to use a matrix as a foundation of the design. However – not to forget what medicine in the end is about: the patient, a human being – we wanted to incorporate a tactile component to the whole. We approached this by embossing the dots of the matrix into the cover paper. The dots represent the alveoli of the lungs and therefor in the middle – referring to bronchi – we omitted the dots.

We used black as the main color for the thesis cover, because we didn’t think any other color would suit the topic better. And at the same time we liked it because it’s the color of the traditional computer screen running it’s processes.

For the celebratory event afterwards a matching – yet more cheerful – invitation was designed. So we ended up providing just a thesis cover design, but more a total theme for Stefan Visscher’s entire promotion.

An invitation design for a celebratory event after a PhD promotion


In the end everybody turned out the be happy with the results and Stefan defended his research like a real boss. We believe this design is a very good example of how you can achieve an outstanding result with simple and modest means.

Commissioned by
Stefan Visscher
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