Sellavie Introduction Clip

With our dear friends from Sellavie we made an introductory clip – a commercial if you wish – for usage on social media channels. The clip serves as a template for newer clips to be made in the future.

By using freely available footage we were able to create a clip with maximum impact while using minimal resources. This clip is a good example how we like to maximize the result for all our clients. To make most of what’s available.

Mencia Sandrode Flyer

Mencia Sandrode is a high school in Zundert. Incidentally, Zundert is the place where Vincent van Gogh was born. We created a simple flyer to attract the school’s open day. Tagline we worked with translates roughly as “to redraw your boundaries”.

After the briefing we tried to evolve the school’s existing identity (which it shares with a school from Breda) and tried to add a personal touch the Sandrode’s own identity.


After Jacob Zoutewelle and his son Emiel took over an existing furniture store in Made they contacted us to rebrand the existing identity. The existing store – Broere Meubelen – had been well known in the region for decades. They wanted to continue excellent business of the previous owners but give it their own twist. Inspiration for the direction came from Drew Pritchard’s well known tv program Salvage Hunters.

Working together with Jacob and Emiel turned out to be a great joy and we’re really happy with the end result: a new logo and identity together with a website ready for eCommerce.

More to come!

Psoriasis 2018 restyle

The Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN) has its own bimonthly magazine called “Psoriasis”. I design the layout and do the art direction for the cover. Ingo Caly usually makes the cover picture. This is the edition of February 2018, in which I’ve applied a slight make over accounting for the new merger organisation – Psoriasispatiënten Nederland (PN) –  to publish the magazine.

Vermolen Verkeersopleidingen

A design for a driving instructor’s identity. Including logo and car design. The owner moved within the Netherlands and wanted to rebrand in his new location. He insisted to keep using his former colors, so they were a given.

We suggested the tagline “Laat je scholen door Vermolen” which in Dutch rhymes and means something like “Get your training from Vermolen”.


The Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN) has its own bimonthly magazine called “Psoriasis”. I make the design and do the art direction for the cover. Ingo Caly usually makes the cover picture. This is the edition of August 2016.

Luxury on a shoestring

Poster accompanying the release of a book with travel stories of my late father, Aad Sala. The stories took place in the 1980s, hence the attempt to create a design fit for the time frame of the stories as well as of the creation date of the design.

Opera Sala 10 jaar

Ten years after the creation of Opera Sala in 2006, it is now time for its public release. The design of this anniversary edition is in such way that an impression of the way the original is bound is present, yet the binding technique is regular, saving enormously on production costs. Because of this it is now possible to get your own copy of this graphic opera.


Opera Sala
The original Opera Sala from 2006


Opera Sala was the project with which I graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts. A project about megalomania, the story is about its main character (Sala) graduating and becoming caught in world events. The story is based on The Graduate, with renditions to my own life at that time.


An retrospective introduction is added to the anniversary edition, looking at the future predictions that were made in the original “opera”.

20 juni 2013

Album for my own wedding with Orpa the 20th of June 2013. Photos were made by my good friend Ingo Calì. Two versions were made. A hard cover version for the parents. A soft cover version for others.

Client Report MultiSafe 2015

Design for MultiSafe’s annual client report. As opposed to a ‘regular’ annual report, MultiSafe’s client report focusses on the experience and satisfaction of its clients, not of its share or stakeholders. I attempted to also make the design more accessible and understandable for a bigger audience of readers.

Dutch Lions Fall Cup

Dayton Dutch Lions FC regularly holds a tournament for youth soccer teams in the Dayton OH region. Teams can win the “Dutch Lions Cup”. This flyer I designed for marketing this tournament. The design was also spread by the use of social media.


A glossy I made about a number of organisations that work to activate people to society in the Den Bosch area. The Bossche Bollen on the cover are a local treat. Each bol represents one of the local organisations.

BOSA - spread

DDLFC sponsorship brochure

Brochure for usage of obtaining sponsorships for the 2015 season of Dayton Dutch Lions FC. The graphics in the brochure display the possible sonship packages Dayton Dutch Lions FC offers to (potential) partners. For the Men’s Team, Women’s Team and Youth Teams.

Portfolio website of Ingo Caly. The site is designed to display his pictures and uses horizontal scrolling to emulate a little bit the good old fashioned film strip. Furthermore the website is optimised for display on mobile devices.

Signage Schoolstraat

Map of the former Lorentz HBS, a former high school in Arnhem whose most famous alumni is M.C. Esscher. At the time of this design the building was serving a complex for (creative) companies. The map was displayed at the entry and showed visitors where each of those companies were situated within the building.

Folder Pera

The flyer was designed for the launch of the series of then new clubs nights of “Club Pera” in Paradiso, Amsterdam. This particular flyer tells about the underlaying foundation called “Pera Foundation” in English. The intention of these club nights is to improve the ties between Dutch and Turkish clubbers, and promote young Turkish artists in the Netherlands.

The design was made together with Nellie Keijzer and Ingo Caly. We tried to generate a modern design, with clear influences from old Turkish art work. The flyer was not varnished, to keep the metallic aspect of the ink used, but also because we wanted to allow the fingerprints of the people holding it to leave their mark on the “copper” backside.

Sarah Gansel

Tel Aviv based architect Sarah Gansel asked me to design a business card that could functions as an ice breaker for introductions. I wanted to use a very simple yet clear intervention to achieve this result. In Hebrew dots are used to clarify pronunciation of characters. The name Sarah starts with the letter shin, which is pronounced as “sh” (like in “shuttle”). The dot placed on the top left side of this character however signifies the character should be pronounced as an “s” (as in “Sarah”). I decided to use this dot as the ice breaker. Punching it out, instead of printing it, thus giving it a sort of architectural quality. Suddenly the front and the back of the card interact more obviously than usual, a passage had been created from front to back, making the intervention more reminiscent of architectural interventions in spaces.

This principle was applied to all of her stationary. The colors used were green metallic and black.

Sarah Gansel Stationary

Poster Hoe geef jij psoriasis een plek?

This poster was designed for the Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN). The payoff roughly translates as “How do you fit psoriasis into your life?”, however if you would translate it literally it says “How do you give psoriasis a spot”, which is of course a word play about the spots that appear on somebody with the condition. We deliberately used sort of fashion type of photography and a pretty model and Photoshopped a big psoriasis spot in the shape of the Netherlands on her belly. All with the intention to make people think about (beauty) standards and hopefully less judgemental about things that stand out as “not normal”. Photography by Ingo Caly.

Erasmian Urbanism

The book Erasmian Urbanism was created – together with Nellie Keijzer and Ingo Caly – for Maarten Struijs. The then principal urban planner of the city of Rotterdam. Along with the goodbye from his function a book was written with his views on urban planning and architecture. The main concept we distilled from his ideas is that a city is a unity made from patches of elements that were actually not designed to be together. We applied this concept to the design of the book. Where – for very good reasons! – books usually are designed as objects on its own with its own structure, we designed each spread of the book individually and divided these spreads amongst the three of us. We did keep an administration of which text would be put on which spread and which designer would design which spread, sort of “zoning” the book and thus trying to emulate the process of urban planning on book design.

In my opinion the result is a very fascinating book, both in its content as well as in its design.

Dutch Lions FC

Dutch Lions FC is a Dutch soccer academy, aiming at developing soccer talent in the United States. Potentially the United States could be a big player in soccer. In 2009 I started working on their visual identity and since the organization has expanded from one club in Dayton OH, to a multi-state organization.

The visual identity consists of many elements. One of the more recent elements that have been added is this font I designed for the jersey numbers.

Dutch Lions FC Jersey Numbers


Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland

In 2011 I restyled the visual identity of the Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland (PVN), Psoriasis Foundation Netherlands in English. I picked cooler shades as a way to express the cooling effect on the skin. As if a cold compress is put on an itchy skin. I also wanted the branding to be neutral enough so it could go together with any kind of other color combination. The topics reached by the organization encompass all facets of life, as well as all types of emotions.

The identity was rolled out over the PVN’s existing magazine, website, as well as folders and flyers given to patients and their surrounding.

PVN stationary
Some of the stationary elements of the identity for Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland.


TSS was a magazine I designed until it merged with two other magazines to form a new magazine and focus more on their online activities. Focussing on social issues (in the Netherlands), the magazine appeared 10 times a year and was usually around 36 pages.


Jan Krüs Piano- en vleugeltechnieker

Identity for Steinway certified piano technician and tuner Jan Krüs. The visual identity consists of a logo, business card, letter head, envelope, invoice paper and livery for a van. My intention was to create a design that emphasizes the craftsmanship of Jan, as well as have a natural correlation to the world of (piano) music.

Jan Krüs working on a grand piano
Jan Krüs working on a grand piano

Bayesian network models

Book cover for the PhD thesis for Stefan Visscher. The design consists of an embossed matrix of dots, laid out in a schematic representation of human lungs. For the celebratory event afterward a matching – yet more cheerful – invitation was designed.

Invitation Celebration Promotion Stefan Visscher
A matching invitation was designed


Website and logo for underground investment fund Rovboys. Created just before the global financial crisis of 2008, the logo was meant to represent the jaggedness of the financial system.

Together with Nellie Keijzer and Ingo Caly a website was created that used influences of gaming in its navigation. The user was given two options on each page and had to use his memory to be able to find the information hidden in the structure. Sadly the website is no longer online.